About Let’s Help


Let’s Help, Inc. is committed to working with individuals and families so that the cycle of poverty is broken and self-sufficiency is attained. Founded in 1969, our not-for-profit organization provides a variety of programs and services for the community and collaborates with other public and private agencies for greater effectiveness. Our programs reach tens of thousands of people each year and involve hundreds of volunteers. Together, we’re breaking the cycle of poverty… and building a better community.

Let’s Help works closely with other helping agencies in the community and provides appropriate referrals. Applicants for our services are carefully screened to ensure there is no unnecessary duplication of services among agencies in Shawnee County.

Let’s Help is a not-for-profit organization that serves Shawnee County and the surrounding area. We provide services for the entire community:

  • Adult Education Programs (GED and continued education option with Washburn Tech)
  • Hot Lunch Program provided Mon-Fri – FREE to anyone who needs a meal
  • Clothing Bank – Once a month come and get clothing for FREE
  • Food Box – Get a box of food every 60 days
  • Emergency Services – Provide help with Rent, Utilities, Medicine and Dental (Limited to funds available)
  • Older Kansas Employment Program
  • Career Closet – Clothing for job interviews, new job, funeral – FREE to the public

For more information visit letshelpinc.org or call 785-234-6208.