What to Expect

The simplest way to put it, is to expect to have a great time while raising money for a good cause. Next, you should expect a challenge.

After those basics, you should expect to learn about Downtown Topeka and what local businesses it has to offer. After this race is done, you should feel a new pride in your community. We know, it sounds a bit cheesy but we’re really passionate about these things. Let’s Help is an organization that best serves Topeka Downtown. When you leave the race, we hope you are talking about all the fun you had but also that you had no idea that so much was located downtown. In the past we have hidden clues in some of the architecture and details that Topeka’s history helped to create and we hope you can appreciate those things too.

Bottom line is to expect the unexpected. We spend a lot of time coming up with new and clever ways to throw teams off of what we’ve already established and this year won’t be any different.