Being Prepared


The simplest and most basic thing to be prepared for is to be ready to run. Next, be ready to solve riddles, puzzles and accomplish physical tasks.

After you’ve mentally and physically prepared yourself, you should then pack your supplies. Anything you have on you the day of the race is okay to use during the race but some regular items that come in handy are:

– Smart Phone (internet searches, camera, GPS and mapping apps are great to have pre-installed)
– Cash (As this is a fundraiser for Let’s Help and to facilitate the race flow, some areas offer a buy out to help you keep on track)
– Pen and Paper of some type also comes in handy

Also at the transition area it is a good idea to set up a home base with a hydration station, some food items to maintain your strength and towels.

So break out your 80’s fanny pack and get ready to race.