This Years Race

Each year’s race is different and TOP SECRET. Not very many details can be shared about the race itself other than the date (and time) – August 24, 2019 (8:00 a.m. DART; 9:00 a.m. DARTini), some things to expect and how to be prepared.

Some of the important “tools” you can bring with you include:

• Smart Phone – Possibly your most used tool during the race. It can provide a camera, internet searches and even ability to communicate with the rest of your team has become more than just an added bonus to use. It has become somewhat of a necessity.

• Money – We strive to make sure that this race is fun for everyone but sometimes that means you may get stuck on a task and just can’t get through it. As a fundraiser for a non-profit, we use this opportunity to allow you to “buy out” from these stump areas. This isn’t a mandatory tool and donations are always optional, but it may just help you out of a tight spot and keep you moving.

• Costumes – We know this is a funny thing to call a tool but teams will be judged on some of their creative outfits. Some items can help you throughout the race as well and you are free to use anything that is on your person throughout the race unless specifically told against it.

We feel it necessary to reemphasize that transportation between legs must be done on foot unless otherwise stated as part of the race. Any racers that are caught using cars, bicycles or the like will be disqualified.

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